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As a Physics and Computer Science student at Harvard and MIT, I am enthusiastic about using technology for social good and stretching our imagination to comprehend and make use of the discoveries in the universe. I have interests in quantum computing, education and tech entrepreneurship and have completed graduate courses, research and work experience in both areas. I have won the McKinsey Women’s Impact Award, MIT Award for Distinguished Achievement in Leadership, and I am also a Google Anita Borg Scholar, Microsoft Scholar, Palantir Scholar, Adobe Research Scholar, Morgan Stanley Scholar, Goldman Sachs Scholar, Society of Women Engineers Scholar and Society of Geophysicists Scholar.

I was a software engineering intern at Google, a consulting intern at McKinsey, an investment banking intern at Goldman Sachs and a quant intern at Morgan Stanley. I created a blog, Optimize Guide, which provides advice for high school and college students and has been read by more than 150,000 people. Optimize Guide has a program called 'Now Know' that uses research-backed strategies to attract students to technical fields; it has taught hundreds of students and has received tens of thousands of dollars in funding from companies including Google. I was also involved in a non-profit organization called 'Lean On Me' that uses technology to address mental health issues at multiple college campuses across the USA, and I started the first and only philosophy club at MIT.


Undergraduate GPA (including Harvard and MIT): 4.0/4.0

Harvard University

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Computer Science (double major), with minor in Danish

Aug 2016 - May 2018 (expected)

Favourite Courses: Privacy and Technology - Grade: A, How to Make Anything (graduate course) - Grade: A

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science (double major)

Sep 2014 - Aug 2016

Favourite Courses: Quantum Computation (graduate course) - Grade: A, Finance Technology (graduate course) - Grade: A

Copenhagen International School


(graduated with the highest grades in the class)

GPA: 4.0/4.0

Sprinter at British and Danish Championships; Student Government President

Nov 2010 - Jun 2016

Science Award, Academic Award, Outstanding Student Award, Citizenship Award, Leadership Award, Student of the Year Award

Favourite Courses: IB Higher Level Maths - Grade: 7 out of 7, IB Higher Level Physics - Grade: 7 out of 7, IB Higher Level Economics - Grade: 7 out of 7, IB Higher Level Chemistry - Grade: 7 out of 7


Adobe Research Scholarship


This scholarship recognizes outstanding undergraduate female students anywhere in the world who are studying computer science.

Palantir Scholarship


Awarded for demonstration of excellence in technology.

Google Scholarship


Awarded for a strong academic record, and exemplifying leadership and demonstrating passion in the field of computer science.

Microsoft Scholarship


Awarded for demonstrated passion for technology, academic excellence and leadership while working to push the software industry forward.

McKinsey Women's Impact Award


Awarded for leadership and potential for having a lasting impact in the community

Goldman Sachs Scholarship


Awarded for embodying Goldman Sach's Business Principles, including: creativity and imagination, excellent teamwork, intense effort in work, and integrity and honesty.

Hackathon Finalist, Prizewinner


Awarded for building a web application allowing Medicare patients to seamlessly contact their providers. Built at the Hackathon at Brown Univeristy.

Morgan Stanley Scholarship


This scholarship program is a competitive undergraduate scholarship program established to provide outstanding students with $15,000 for exceptional academic achievement and a summer internship.

MIT Leadership Award


Awarded to one student in the freshman class at MIT for distinguished achivement in leadership. Awarded for working with others in a common effort and enriching the quality of campus life.

SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Scholarship


Selected from over 1,600 applications for demonstrating outstanding academic achievement as well as strong engineering potential.

SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) Scholarship


Awarded for achievement in physics.

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern


Mountain View, CA
May 2017 - July 2017

Worked on machine learning and web development projects that were launched to over 3.5 million users during my internship.

Consulting Intern


Palo Alto, CA
July 2017 - August 2017

Worked with a tech client and took the initiative to code a machine learning application that was recognized by the CIO and was projected to save over $1 million for the client.

Undegraduate Researcher

MIT Quantum Computing Lab

Cambridge, MA
Sep 2015 - Present

Worked in experimental and theoretical quantum computing research groups. Collaborated with PhD students to build tools and technologies for quantum computation. Previously created circuits, and currently performing simulations of theories in quantum computing.

Investment Banking Intern

Goldman Sachs

New York City, NY
Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

Took the initiative to code a tool for my team that made a certain process (to evaluate companies) 10,000 times quicker. Created presentations and financial models for companies worth billions of dollars.

Teaching Assistant


Cambridge, MA
Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

Helped MIT students with their career path and finding internships. Provided advice and mentorship to the MIT students.

Strats (Quant) Intern

Goldman Sachs

New York City
Jan 2016 - Feb 2016

Programmed two investment-banking tools, which are being used for Goldman Sachs’ clients within the Tech and Merger and Acquisition groups. My work was recognized by heads in Investment Banking.

Strats (Quant) Intern

Morgan Stanley

New York City
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Programmed a tool in the trading division that will save the firm over $1,000,000 in a period of five years.

IT Consultant


Cambridge, MA
Sep 2014 - Jun 2016

Provided solutions and assistance for questions from over 200 members of the MIT community for problems concerning computers, software, and network access on campus.


Kobenhavn Kulturcenter

Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

Led the adult volunteers and workers as a teenager at the largest church in Denmark, planned and coordinated meetings, attended local and overseas leadership conferences. Started as a volunteer and later was offered a job.


Optimize Guide

Founder, President

Optimize Guide Website

Optimize Guide is a blog with advice about job, internship and college applications that has been read by more than 150,000 people. Optimize Guide has a program called "Now Know" that uses seven research-backed strategies to encourage more females into computer science. We have taught hundreds of students so far using the strategies, and have received over tens of thousands of dollars in funding from companies including Google.

MIT Philosophy Club

Founder, President

MIT Philosophy Club Website

I founded the first and only philosophy club at MIT. We now have over 200 members. We create events that foster philosophical discussions in the MIT community and collaborate with Harvard Review of Philosophy.

Lean On Me

Financial Officer

Lean On Me Website

Lean On Me is a text-based service that allows people to talk about their problems anonymously. I am helping create a sustainable and growing organization so that college students across the country can get access to Lean On Me. Our service is being used at three universities across the country.



NavTalent Website

I am an associate at NavTalent - I connect Harvard students with technology startups. Through me, Harvard students have received job offers at the best technology startups.

Franklin Fellowship

Franklin Fellow

FF Website

Franklin Fellows have dinners together with guest speakers and other students - the fellows share a passion for self-improvement and a love of giving.

The Tech (MIT's Student Newspaper)

Advertising Manager

Initiated online advertising for the first time in The Tech's 20 year online history. Communicated with over 50 clients, which contributed to over $10,000 in revenue.



More Info

I built a physical product that produces real-time feedback during lectures. I designed and built all the circuitry as well as the product itself, and wrote the code to connect the different components together.

Voice Care

More Info

My team built a web application allowing Medicare patients to seamlessly contact their providers. Voice Care was built at the Brown University Hackathon - my team were finalists and won a prize.


More than 3/4 of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. FinBucks is an app that helps people manage their finances and save money. Finbucks was voted as the best project in the graduate finance technology course I took my sophomore fall.

Front Encrypt

More Info

I built the first front-facing encryption chrome extension that encrypts the plaintext on your browser.


More Info

I, with others, built a web application that allows all voices to be heard in a meeting. In order to build this I used Angularjs, Express, Nodejs and MongoDB.

Quiz Me

My friend and I built an educational tool that allows you to quiz yourself. You can enter a piece of text and using natural lanaguage processing, our algorithm generates questions from the piece of text so that you can quiz yourself.

For a portfolio of other random stuff I have built, visit my 'How to Make (Almost) Anything' website.

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